Monday, 14 November 2016

Gum Grafting Treatment

Gum grafting or gingival graft refers to any surgical dental procedure that aims to graft gum tissue. The goal is to cover the exposed teeth root in case the gums have receded. In some cases, it is conducted as a cosmetic procedure to alter a band of tissue that has been keratinized. Gum grafting must be conducted only by a qualified and seasoned dentist that practices Reston cosmetic dentistry. A dentist may recommend gum grafting as part of emergency dental care in Reston VA if your gums have receded to the point that they will cause damage to your teeth.

Gum recession is more common than you think. In fact, it affects four to 12 percent of adults, and it typically remains unnoticed until it turns severe. Receding gums occur gradually, and over time, the exposed teeth can become sensitive or eventually fall out. One of the solution used in Reston cosmetic dentistry to repair the Gum grafting damage and avoid further oral problems.

Three different types of gum grafting methods can be conducted in an emergency dental care clinic in Reston VA:

  1. Connective tissue grafting – The procedure involves cutting a flap of your skin from the roof of your mouth, and the removal of tissue from under that flap to be stitched to the gum tissue around an exposed root. After removing the graft from under your palatal flap, the flap is sutured back down. This is the most common procedure used in gum grafting.
  2. Pedicle grafts – Tissue is taken from near the teeth or the gum that needs to be repaired. Hence, this method is only used in patients who still have a lot of gum near their affected teeth.
  3. Free gingival grafting – The process is similar to connective tissue grafting, but without making the flap and extracting tissue from the palate. Instead, a small amount of tissue will be removed directly from your palate before being attached to the receded gum area. This procedure is typically recommended for patients who have naturally thin gums but require additional tissue to enlarge them.

Some cosmetic dentists in Reston may consider using graft materials from tissue banks, or they rely on proteins to stimulate tissue growth before extracting it. Rest assured--the dentist will determine the best treatment method for you.

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