Thursday, 7 April 2016

PRF Growth Factors Benefits For Dental Implants

Dental implant technology has come a long way since it was first used in the field of dentistry. Several researches are conducted every year to improve patient outcomes; one such breakthrough technology is using PRF in implant surgery to accelerate the body’s own healing process. Let’s try to find out more how PRF has revolutionized dental implant placement procedures in this article by Ridgetop Dental-the leading center for dental implants in Vienna VA.
What is PRF?
PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin, which is rich in platelets and leukocytes, are second-generation source of growth factors. They are found in our blood and help the body to heal when there is damage to bone or tissue.
How is PRF obtained?
PRF is obtained by centrifugation of patient blood in tubes without additives. PRF is the final product which contains only fibrin of blood obtained from the patient’s blood.
How is PRF used in implant dentistry?
There are several ways to use PRF, depending on the procedure being done. In dental implant placement surgeries they facilitate faster healing. Normal dental implant placement procedure can take several months to complete. The use of PRF can greatly reduce this time, from months to weeks.
PRF is placed directly on to the implant site, after tooth extraction. It stimulates the healing of bone and tissue at the site, which is necessary for a good outcome.
Apart from that they can also be used in ridge bone grafting and sinus bone grafting procedures to increase the quality of grafted bone. If you are planning to get dental implants in Fairfax VA then talk to the expert dentists at Ridgetop Dental for a thorough assessment or to know your options.
Who can benefit the most from this procedure?
Older patients and patients who have decreased bone regeneration can achieve maximum benefits from the procedure.
PRF is a safe method because it is obtained from the patient’s blood.
Modern dental facilities like Ridgetop Dental’s centre for implant and cosmetic dentistry in Vienna VA routinely use advanced technologies in their offices to deliver the best results to the patients and help them achieve their lost smile and self confidence.
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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Dental Implant Infections-Some Expert Tips To Avoid Them

Dental implants are the best solution for replacement of missing teeth. Although the risks after dental implant surgery are minimal, they sometimes happen, as they do with any medical treatment procedure. The experts at Ridgetop Dental-the best Reston dental center believe that although, risks exist; they can be easily avoided with some education and the right after care. Here are some good ways to avoid infection after dental implant surgery.
Choose your dentist with care
Dental implant infections occur if proper care is not exercised before, during and after the surgery. Sp, avoid dental surgeons who are not experienced enough. Always go with experienced dentists like Ridgetop Dental’s cosmetic dentist in Northern Virginia, who are highly experienced and maintain high levels of safety and hygiene at all stages of treatment.
Choose good quality dental implants
The quality of dental implants differs and it can impact the fit of your dental implants. Implants of lesser quality may not fit properly, allowing bacteria to enter and cause infection. So, make sure the dentist you choose is using the best quality dental implants.
Follow your dentist’s advice and instructions properly
After surgery, your dentist will provide you with detailed post-op care instructions. Following those instructions religiously is essential for proper healing and success of your dental implant surgery. Your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. If you have been prescribed antibiotics, remember to complete the full course and take antibiotics on time to avoid any occurrence of infection.
Avoid smoking
If you smoke, the first thing to do to avoid infection is to quit smoking. Even, better if you permanently quit smoking, this will prolong the life of your dental implants and improve the quality of your overall oral health. Smoking will only lead to failure of your implants and cause harm to your healthy teeth as well.
Infections and other risks are pretty easy to avoid if proper instructions are followed. To know more about dental implant surgery and how one can avoid post-operative infections, schedule an appointment with Ridgetop Dental’s restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Fairfax VA today.
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