Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Gum Grafting-How You Can Benefit From It

Is gum recession affecting your health and appearance? Do you feel embarrassed when you smile? Then, schedule an appointment with Ridgetop Dental’s cosmetic dentist in Reston, they may recommend gingival (gum) grafting as a treatment option. Before going for a dental procedure it is very important to have the right information regarding the procedure. So, here’s an informative article on gum grafting, brought to you by Ridgetop Dental.

What is gum graft?

A gum graft is a collective name for a surgical procedure that aims to treat an exposed tooth root surface with oral tissue grafting.

What is the cause of exposed tooth roots?

According to the experts at Ridgetop Dental’s centre for cosmetic dentistry in Vienna VA, exposed tooth roots are caused due to gingival recession(wearing away of margin of gum tissue surrounding the teeth), which is mainly caused due to periodontal disease.  There are other factors as well responsible for this, including overly aggressive brushing, insufficient dental care, hormonal changes during pregnancy, trauma, bruxism, misaligned teeth etc.

Types of gum grafting:

Free gingival graft –In this procedure, a layer of tissue from palate is removed and relocated to the area of gum recession.  This procedure is used to increase the amount of keratinized tissue surrounding a tooth.

Sub-epithelial connective tissue graft – This procedure is commonly used to cover exposed roots.  Tissue is removed from the outer layer of the palate and relocated to the area of gum recession.

Acellular dermal matrix allograft – In this procedure, medically processed, donated human tissue is used as a tissue source for the graft. Since, the palate tissue is not taken from the patient’s body, the procedure is much less painless.

Benefits of gum grafting
·         Reduced sensitivity
·         Improved appearance
·         Improved gum health

If you experience tooth sensitivity, then talk to an expert today; it could be due to exposed tooth roots. An expert like Ridgetop Dental’s experts can help you determine if Gum Graft is the right procedure for your needs. The experts at Ridgetop Dental strive to meet all your dental needs with utmost perfection. Whether you need advice regarding oral health or need dental implants in Reston, talk to the experts for the best dental solutions for your needs.

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Bone Density Analysis By CBCT Scan For Successful Dental Implants

The success of a dental treatment depends on thorough assessment and correct diagnosis of a dental problem. To make the precise diagnosis, incorporation and proper utilization of appropriate diagnostic technologies is very important. From emergency dental care in Reston VA to dental implants treatment, advanced diagnostic tools have always helped dentists to make treatment safer and more effective. In this article by Ridgetop Dental, we are going to read about the benefits of bone density analysis using CBCT scan.

Why is it important to determine bone density before dental implant surgery?

Bone density is an important factor in determining the survival rate of an implant. It is very difficult to obtain proper implant anchorage in a bone that is not dense enough. Therefore, it is important to know bone density before implant treatment.

How does CBCT help during implant placement procedure?

Replacing your missing tooth/teeth with dental implants involves inserting an artificial tooth root or titanium screw into the bone. The artificial tooth root function exactly like your natural tooth root by providing support to your artificial teeth. During dental implant placement, CBCT scans allow dentists to locate vital structures like nerve canals, sinuses and the precise location of the teeth in your jaw; thus helping the dentists in correct treatment planning. CBCT scan increases the success of dental implants by allowing the precise planning and execution. CBCT scans also enable the creation of surgical guides for the implantologists to position the implants in the precise position in the jawbone. The experts at Ridgetop Dental use CBCT scans and sedation dentistry in Reston to make dental implant treatment a stress free and successful procedure.

Can CBCT help you?

It’s a question that your dentist can answer the best, based on evaluation of your unique situation and medical history. CBCT offers a safe, fast, reliable and non-invasive method of obtaining detailed information and performing surgical procedures with great precision. Ridgetop Dental’s centre for modern dentistry, which has always offered the best dental service, whether it is dental implants in Reston VA or invisalign, is proud to offer this state-of-the-art diagnostic service that makes dental procedures safer and more predictable.

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