Tuesday, 22 November 2016

CBCT Scan for Diagnosis Of Dental Implants

CT scanners have been around for decades, but certain types are designed to be more advanced and effective in generating highly detailed images for precise diagnosis and treatment. The CBCT scanner is one of the more advanced CT scanning technologies. A dentist may order a CBCT scan when a regular facial or dental x-ray is not enough for a proper diagnosis. CBCT can produce multiple 3D images of your soft tissues, bone, teeth, and nerve pathways in different angles with a single scan, making it faster and reliable for diagnosis of oral disorders and diseases such as TMJ disorders, jaw tumors, and bone loss around dental implants in Northern VA. Likewise, the scan is useful for treatment planning for surgery and if you are considering implants.

A CBCT scan can help the dentists in Reston, Virginia in accurately planning and placing dental implants. Moreover, the results can help in determining tooth orientation and bone structure. Implant planning requires proper evaluation of the jaw, your tissues, and the condition of your bones to make sure that they can handle the implants. High-end CBCT scanners come with a software specifically developed for implant planning. That way, dentists can easily see where the implant must be placed in the jaw and avoid hitting any nerves. Likewise, the images can let dentists see if there is enough bone for the implant to minimize your risk of complications for your dental implants in Chantilly VA.

CBCT scanners are also referred to as ‘dental cone beam’, and they have become the standard for assessing the bone quality for dental implant planning before surgery. Traditional dental x-rays may not provide accurate and clear images for determining the quality of the bone to be used for implant support. The scan has been helpful and deemed reliable so far in bone density measurements, which require precision and a highly stable system. The scan uses a more focused x-ray beam that minimizes scatter radiation. Hence, better and clearer images are generated.

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