Friday, 12 February 2016

Bone Density Measurement Before Dental Implants Using CT Scan

Ridgetop Dental-the leading centre for dental implants and sedation dentistry in Northern VA, has relied on computerized tomography scans (CT), for many years. CT scans are particularly very important for the precise planning and placement of dental implants. In this article we will read how CT scan is useful in the measurement of bone density before dental implant placement surgery.

How do CT scans work?
CT scan is a technology that uses many different X-ray images with the help of computers to generate cross-sectional or even 3D views of internal organs and structures within the body.  Ridgetop Dental combines CT scan technology with other radiographic techniques to get a detailed view of the mouth and skull. With the help of 3-D imaging, the bone structure, bone density, tissues and nerves can be viewed clearly.
CT scans can be completed quickly, which means far less radiation enters your body in comparison to x-ray. The main use for CT scan technology in dental sciences is as an aid to dental implant planning and treatment. Here are some benefits of using CT scans in implant placement procedures:
·         To assess the quality and density of the jawbone where the implant will be placed.
·         To determine where nerves are located.
·         To identify the best site for placement of dental implants.
·         To view the exact position of each tooth.
·         For precise planning of complete surgical procedure in advance, from start to finish.
·         To precisely determine the appropriate size and type of implants.
With dental CT scans you can now expect great success with your dental implants, but if the fear of dental visit is deterring you from seeing a dentist then the experts at Ridgetop Dental would be happy to discuss the option of sedation dentistry in Reston.

CBCT scans- a step forward
CBCT scans are more advanced form of CT scans. They allow the dentists to magnify specific areas of the face and view cross-sectional “slices” of the jaw, thus making treatment more predictable and successful.
 CT scan is an incredible tool that minimizes the cost of dental treatment, reduces the treatment time and enhances the end results of dental surgery. Visit Ridgetop Dental today, to know how you can benefit from modern dentistry procedures. From sedation dentistry in Fairfax VA to dental implants in just one day; Ridgetop Dental has everything you need to make your smile healthy and beautiful.
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