Monday, 7 September 2015

Dental Implants-Costs And Affordable Options

With so many advantages over traditional tooth replacement methods, dental implants have become one of the most preferred methods of missing tooth replacement. As one considers dental implants, he’s likely to wonder how much will the treatment cost. Here’s an informative article on dental implant costs and the options available to you, brought to you by Ridgetop Dental-the most sought after clinic for dental implants in Northern VA.

Factors on which the cost of dental implant treatment depends

According to the experts at Ridgetop Dental’s centre for dental implants in Reston, the cost of dental implant treatment depends on a number of factors like:
·         Number of teeth being replaced.
·         Location of your dental implants also impacts the cost of your dental implants, for example- Dental implants located in the front of the mouth require more intensive work, and hence they will cost more.
·         The condition of your jaw and whether or not you require bone/ gum graft to support your dental implants.
·         Sometimes patient’s sinus cavity may be too low and must be lifted in order to make room for the implant. This increases the cost of implant treatment.
·         Implant materials

Is dental implant an affordable option?

One of the main factors that deter people from getting dental implants is the cost, but actually it is a more affordable option in comparison to other methods of missing teeth replacement. For example-when you get dental bridges, they require your healthy teeth to be ground down to serve as abutments, leaving them susceptible to cavities and damage, but with dental implants, there is no risk of cavities or bone loss. With proper care, good implants like Ridgetop Dental’s best dental implants in Fairfax VA can last for a lifetime, making them a more affordable option in comparison to any other methods.
Also, when you get your dental implant treatment at Ridgetop Dental, you won’t have to pay additional charges for diagnosis, x-rays, implant surgery and restoration. Their treatment plan includes all and you get the most affordable way to enjoy the benefits of dental implants.
However, as mentioned before, not every case is the same. Some patients may require additional procedures like bone graft, sinus upliftment etc.
So, schedule a consultation with Ridgetop Dental’s expert implant dentists and discuss your treatment plan today, visit-

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