Thursday, 13 August 2015

Benefits Of Using CBCT Scans For Placement Of Dental Implants

Dental implants technology has undergone many positive changes in the past few years. With the introduction of new technologies, dentists have been able to achieve great success and least discomfort during and after the surgery. One such technology which has brought about a revolution in the field of implant placement procedure is- CBCT scan technology. Ridgetop Dental-the best center for dental implants and sedation dentistry in Northern VA, has implemented CBCT scan machine for implant treatment, planning, and guided surgical treatments. 

What is CBCT scan technology?
Cone beam CT scans provides better and more precise information than conventional dental x-ray, allowing for better diagnosis and precision during the implant placement surgery.

What are the benefits of using CBCT technology in dental implant placement?
CBCT scan technology is becoming the preferred tool for the diagnosis of dental implant placement and position. Here are some of the main benefits it offers:

·         Many patients face anxiety before dental implant surgery, minimally invasive procedure helps reduce their anxiety.
·         Conventional radiographic techniques, like x-ray may not be very effective in doing proper diagnosis, in the areas where contours and width and height of bone are difficult to determine. CBCT scan, which is used by Ridgetop Dental’s Northern VA dental clinic allows proper diagnosis and can be used to virtually place dental implants using the computer program
·         It’s an outstanding technology, which helps to understand the risks involved in surgical implant placement.

·         CBCT scan eliminates possible implant placement errors, leading to greater success.

·         CBCT scan makes surgical placement of dental implants minimally invasive and more predictable. Dental implants can be appropriately positioned for more accurate results.

CBCT Scans give our doctors the ability to visualize the true three-dimensional anatomy of your teeth, jaws and facial skeleton, as well as other vital structures of the head and neck region in precise and extreme detail. This ensures high level of safety and accuracy during your dental implant placement.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with the experts at Ridgetop Dental and get the best services for dental implants in Northern VA.

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